Venture Fusion
Venture Fusion is a decentralized, tokenized incubator, a global scale developer of startup companies, based on the blockchain which handles matchmaking between founders and freelancers, legal aspects of equity for work, the ongoing management of tasks related to the project, and trading of shares between project members and investors.
Traditional freelancers encounter a number of challenges
Negotating equity
Establishing fair contracts.
Vesting contracts
Vesting contracts are expensive and time consuming.
Finding quality projects
Good projects are hard to come by.
All this changes with Venture Fusion
Modern solution which freelancers love.
Negotiate a contract on your terms, and get paid in project equity, crypto or fiat.
Sell or trade your earned equity easily on our equity marketplace.
Participate in a wide variety of projects.
Become a co-founder, part-time contributor or a project mentor.
Here is how it works.
Everyday we work hard to make life of our clients better and happier.
Project overview
Search and participate in multiple projects at the same time.
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Startup Communities
Search among many communities,
find opportunities in networking and desired project work.
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