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The VentureFusion Ecosystem
The VentureFusion Ecosystem
Launch without Funding
Upon joining the platform, you can engage team members and pay them with equity. Independent experts are used to ensure a reasonable valuation and quality of deliverables. You may sell equity to investors to get seed capital, and use equity and micro-equity (<0.01%) to pay contributors.
Easy Task Management
On the VentureFusion platform we have combined multiple flexible and decentralized planning and task management tools, all of which are available to you with just a click of a button. With our unique task management tools we are giving you easy and efficient ways to structure work and equity payment plans for contributors.
Find Contributors/Team Members
Our platform makes it easy for you to find qualified project contributors as all platform members are rated on skills and performance by independent experts. You can find collaborators through our easy-search online catalog, or simply press the "match me up" button to get suggestions.
Shared User Incentives
On the VentureFusion platform all project collaborators are paid with company equity in tokenized form. This provides a strong incentive to do a good job and to add value to projects as shares may increase in value when the business grows larger.
More Earnings for You
On our platform, more work equals more equity. You are free to work on as many projects as you wish and you are free to hold your equity in the hope of a future gain in value or sell your shares on our marketplace. You can easily cash out to fiat at any time.
Share ownership & Liquidity
Virtual equity ownership on our platform represents legal shares in a company. This means that virtual ownership of 10% equity gives you the right to 10% dividends, 10% proceeds on sales of the project, 10% voting rights, etc. Projects may exist only on the platform (and focused on the IP created) or exist as incorporated companies outside the platform.
Early Investing, Higher Gains
Our platform allows you to invest in companies that were previously not open to investors. We make it easy for you to find the perfect ground-floor opportunity investments, by scoring the project potential and the work done by the project team. Our platform provides complete transparency and full insights into your investments through a variety of detailed metrics.
Find a Project
We make it easy for you to find a project you love. You may either search our project catalog in which all projects and teams are rated and organized by tags or you can simply press the "match me up" button, after which your user data is used to make suggestions based on your previous preferences.
Shares marketpalce & Wallet
All platform participants have access to our in-house shares marketplace where users may organize private equity trading between themselves. Our marketplace is easy to navigate and allows you easy access to your platform wallet for deposits and withdrawals. As projects and tasks are managed on-site, we can track a number of informative metrics that will provide the investor with a much better basis on project investment decisions.
User Matchings
Our platform enables users to put their data to work, making it easy to be matched up with other users and projects. Users can at all time choose to disable the use of their data, and may also access and correct any data collected on them, at any time. You are in control of how and when your data is used.
Independent Experts
It is the job of independent investigators to score the performance of contributors upon task completion on metrics such as quality and timeliness. Investigators may also be called upon to help dissolve disputes between users. Independent experts are barred from investing or contributing to projects that they are also reviewing to ensure a high degree of trust.
Detailed Metrics
All projects are managed with the task management system. Project owners will define detailed roadmaps, tasks and milestones for all team members. The platform will track a number of metrics for progress, quality, timeliness and performance, and independent investigators will rate the quality of deliverables. All this leads to a new and much higher standard for transparency and visibility into the quality of teams and valuations of projects.
Legal Team
For minor disputes, independent experts and in-project voting will initially be used to resolve the matter. In case of major disputes, for example if someone steals your idea, we have a legal team on the platform which users may contact for assistance. Also, independent lawyers may sign up as experts and provide this service.
Blockchain Security
The VentureFusion platform is secured by the blockchain. This means that all smart contracts are registered on a public ledger and that contracts cannot be altered by anyone post date. Since all share ownership is blockchain-based, we can guarantee that ownership of shares can never be disputed.
Smart Contracts
Our platform uses a smart contract infrastructure to handle relationships between users and handle ownership of shares. This means that all tasks and corresponding share transfers are registered on the blockchain. This system allows a precise and transparent register of all share transfers in the distributed ledger.

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