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Collaboration & Investing

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VentureFusion is a ecosystem for startup creation and growth, bringing together founders, team members, corporates and investors on a global scale.
Our vision is to dramatically reduce startup creation and development barriers and to democratize the access to equity ownership and startup investments.
Yury Zubarovskiy, CEO
Our Users
Ideators & Startups
Our mission is to build a platform that will be an ecosystem of technologies, people and processes that together dramatically speed up and make the implementation of any project possible and transparent
As a project contributor, you are always paid with company shares, giving you the chance to both benefit from your work and any future success of the company. You may always sell your shares to investors through our platform
Our platform helps you find great investment opportunities and allows you full insight into the projects you invest in. This means that you have a chance to get in on innovative early-stage projects which were previously not open to investments.
Our platform helps corporates to find startups and small teams, which can implement new IT technologies or solve business tasks
How VentureFusion works
Project development
Founders, co-founders and experts jointly develop projects. They use special task management tool, powered with the best incubation methods
Equity tokenization
Platform will help project owners to tokenize equity and manage shareholders in blockchain
Users can participate in any project and convert their efforts and expertise directly into project shares
Investigators solve disputes around contributing, and facilitate fair play on the platform.
Transparant and informed investing
Project equity is traded freely between users through our marketplace. To help you in making investment decision platform provides you everyday project growth metrics, aggregated from our task mangement system
Project manager as a service
Chat bot, powered with powered artificial intelligence, provide to project team members advices and insigths, based on information about what happens to projects
Our mission is to create the world's standard platform for startup development, team creation and investment.
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Core team
Claus Skaaning
Claus Skaaning (COO): PhD in computer science. Has worked as a researcher and technical lead for Hewlett-Packard, before founding his first company, Dezide, a software company with focus on Artificial Intelligence for diagnostics and troubleshooting. After heading Dezide as CEO for 12 years, Claus left and started new companies, including Sales on Tap, a sales and exports consultancy company, while also taking part in many other ventures. Claus has extensive experience with developing and managing incubators, being employed in the Aalborg University Innovation incubator, an incubator that accepts and helps around 80-100 startup companies every year.
Yury Zubarovskiy
Technical and IT background and more than 15 years of experience in the field of increasing efficiency, automation and business development. Experience in top management of companies. Participation in projects from completely different areas as key team member – IT architecture, project manager, implementor (dairy farming – more than 50 farms in Russia, industrial construction projects for KnightFrank, design and construction of power plants for IKEA, GPS-based security and logistic solutions for British American Tobacco). Start-up accelerator program participant (IdealMachnies). Hackathons – is a usual state of mind for Yuriy. Fullstack and mobile developer (MeteorJS).
Mette F. Kibsgaard

Mette has extensive experience working with branding and marketing from both EU and Asia, and is passionate about new technologies. Mettes entrepreneurial knowledge-base is powerful, she is herself an entrepreneur, has studied innovation & entrepreneurship during her MSc, and worked at the AAU startup incubator (alongside Claus). Mette is a passionate about entrepreneurial development, leadership, decentralized technologies, and finding great investment opportunities.
Shahzad Aslam
Blockchain developer
Senior Software Engineer / Project Manager with total 17 years of software development and management experience. Extensive experience with .NET and Node technologies and handling the whole SDL, microservices and docker deployment in Linux environment - Development experience with Blockchain technologies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Smart Contracts, Solidity , Hyperledger fabric). Developing and architecting the BigData solutions using opensource technologies including Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark with Java and Scala
Artem Kravchenko
DevOps BackEnd
Experienced in one of the biggest Russian IaaS Providers. If you don't know how to create continuous integration process or microservices architecture in your project - just call Artem and you will get it. Very strong team player who helps colleagues build their IT environments. He likes hackathons too. Python, Java, Kubernetis and all related to it.
Vladimir Diakov
VentureFusion Advisor
Vladimir has 20+ years experience in Banking and Finance, including top positions in Russian Banks (Vice-President, Director for Asset Protection, National Bank "TRUST") and family offices.
Vladimir is a founder of Cryptodetectives.ru project, and well-known specialist in the field of due-diligence, compliance and asset protection.
Martin von Haller Grønbæk
VentureFusion Advisor
Martin is a partner at Bird & Bird law firm, where he works with IT and new technology from both a legal and commercial perspective. For over 20 years Martin has co-founded several IT startups. He serve on a number of boards of eCommerce, IT and web companies, where his vast knowledge about business, technology and legal matters help guide companies to success. Martin also spend a considerable portion of his time advising on legal and commercial issues related to open licensing within open source, creative commons (open content), open data, open APIs and more.
In Denmark, Martin is considered a pioneer within the Internet and web industry as he introduced the concept of Internet law in Denmark back in 1994.
Mike Savchenko
VentureFusion Advidor
CTO Chronobank
Born with a ZX Spectrum in his hand, Mike is a veteran programmer with more than 20 years experience of software development and security. His CV includes an MBA in IT Project Management and he has applied his skills to blockchain development since the early days of bitcoin. Most recently, he won a fintech hackathon at which he presented a trusted document exchange based on IPFS and Ethereum. This will form a key part of ChronoBank's functionality.
Boye Hartmann
VentureFusion Advisor
CEO Y Digital Group Asia Pte Ltd
Boye is an online and mobile marketing expert. Throughout the years, he has helped many global companies with business development and marketing. With his perpetual positive spirit, and out-of-the-box thinking, Boye spots opportunities and synergies like nobody else. With several executive positions from Denmark, Russia, Poland, Belgium, and Indonesia, Boye knows what it takes to succeed and he is a true inspiration for clients, partners and employees.